Quality Policy

KAZA HELLAS, responding to the demands of modern business reality and aiming at improving its organizational structure with the objective to better serve its customers, decided to develop and install a Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

The policy of KAZA HELLAS is to provide products and services that meet the requirements of its customers, stakeholders, legislation and meet high quality standards.

Quality standards will be in line with and / or will exceed the current legislation if the existing ones fail to meet the requirements of customers and stakeholders.

For the long-term success of these goals, the Company:

  • Continuously improves the methods and procedures according to the risk approach applied
  • Implements and observes the rules of good conduct and professionalism by the company’s entire staff
  • Modernizes its equipment
  • Strives for quality perfection at individual level and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

KAZA HELLAS believes that success is measured by the continuous satisfaction of its customers.
The entire company’s staff, from management to executives, is involved in order to achieve this goal, to explore and prevent cases of non-compliance, to improve the provision of services as well as the Company Quality system.

Establishing a steady relationship of trust with customers is the main purpose of the company and measurable indicators and targets, which are monitored on an ongoing basis, have been developed for their achievement.

In attaining its quality objectives, the company considers necessary the involvement and the development of initiatives of all employees.

The possibility for the staff to express their views and make specific improvement proposals is established and is considered of great importance for upgrading the quality of the products and services provided, as well as to strengthen the intracompany fervor of understanding and cooperation.

The purpose of KAZA HELLAS is to meet the Customer’s requirements in the most satisfactory, efficient and cost-effective manner and provide assurance that the desired quality will be achieved.